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Targeted Workforce Research for Graduate Programs

There's a more intelligent way to recruit.

Discover high-proclivity, qualified, and motivated working adult candidates with our revolutionary recruitment research solution.

We combine deep industry insight with human expertise to deliver custom-curated prospect pools you can contact directly.

It's Survival of the Smartest for Higher Ed.

The demographic cliff, testing changes, and the pandemic have created an all-out bidding war for quality domestic graduate program candidates.

Go-to recruiting tools aren't cutting it, and some have evaporated entirely. Overbroad digital marketing reaches an ocean of irrelevant prospects — resulting in applicants who lack intent, quality, focus, and diversity.

Reviewing unqualified applications further strains your admission team's limited or non-existent time and resources. How can you take control of enrollment when you can't identify strong contenders?

The few schools winning today have greater resources and use no-holds-barred tactics to overwhelm the market.

You have to do something. But you can't keep pouring your resources down a black hole of solutions that don't deliver.

It's Time to Rethink Recruiting.

Start further down the recruitment funnel by focusing exclusively on high-propensity working adults.

PreciseRecruit narrows your search to highly concentrated prospect pools so you can connect with fewer candidates more meaningfully.

Informed by your applicant data, student population analysis, and market research, PreciseRecruit provides only the right-fit prospects.

Our graduate research analysts explore each working adult's story, considering critical nuances in their professional, intellectual, and personal journey to understand the core motivators for pursuing a specific degree.

We remove the gatekeeper and give admissions teams direct access to custom-curated populations. Nurture genuine human connections with the most promising prospects, so you can stand out from the digital noise and shorten the prospective student journey.

It's the edge you need to stay competitive.

Let the Good Things Flow

Ensure Candidate Pool Quality

Pinpoint Pre-Active Learners

Our rigorous, expert-led PreciseRecruit screening process intelligently identifies those with ideal qualifications and the most compelling reasons for pursuing a graduate degree.

Get the right students to successfully invest in and complete your program, champion your community, and give back to your institution.

Control Your Enrollment

Adapt a Proactive Approach

PreciseRecruit delivers a steady stream of top-notch, best-fit students to ensure professional diversity, maintain mission alignment, and focus on yield.

Take charge of your future and realize remarkable ROI by focusing on prospects tailored to flourish in your programs and who align with your institution's strategic objectives.

Compete in the New Environment

Recruit with Intelligence

PreciseRecruit rapidly identifies high-propensity candidates so you can quickly cut through the noise and discover new untapped markets.

We provide direct access to potential learners, enabling you to establish meaningful connections that accelerate decision-making and maximize your competitive edge.

Spend Smarter

Keep Realizing Benefits

Build quality pipelines without travel expenses or gatekeepers.

Reduce dependency on channels and solutions that demand constant spending. ProspectCloud helps you build real, ungated relationships so you can get more mileage from your investment.

Get Ahead of the Pack

We accelerate graduate degree program recruiting by providing you with your perfect audience of promising, high-propensity pre-actives before the competition inundates them.

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How it Works

ProspectCloud's Methodology Identifies the Right Candidates for Your Graduate Programs.



Data Aggregation | Motivation Assessment

We analyze your current students and recent graduates, aggregating 150 dimensions and data points — including campus proximity, brand familiarity, area connections, etc.

Reviewing each candidate’s life and career circumstances, we uncover motivation cases for pursuing graduate degrees.



Program Briefing | Candidate Profile Questionnaire

We meet with your admissions leaders for a full briefing about your goals, optimization areas, and growth opportunities.

Providing your team and faculty with a candidate profile questionnaire, we detail the characteristics of students you want to attract to increase diversity and quality in enrollment.



CandidateMatrix℠ | Candidate Vetting | Custom-Curated Prospect Pools

We conduct a thorough search for potential candidates using our CandidateMatrix.

Our graduate analysts vet each candidate individually, considering their life's journey to ensure complete alignment.

You receive a rich pool of qualified adult learners with the highest likelihood of enrollment and academic success.



Feedback Collection | Applied Learning

Our agile methodology and applied learning capabilities allow us to identify optimization opportunities and adjust the prospect curation process accordingly.

We scale our efforts based on performance metrics, so your prospect pools consistently match your institution's strategy and growth trajectory.

The PreciseRecruit Process

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