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It’s All About Time.

High performing teams think about time differently, and so do we. Our process has transformed the way thousands of high-growth organizations hunt new business.

We dive deep to facilitate a shift in how and who your team spends time for the greatest return on selling time.

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Transforming the way you think about time.


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Sales Cycle
Deal Value
Lifetime Value
Vitamins & Painkillers
Competitive Conquesting


Advanced stakeholder mapping to uncover the most precise points of entry into prospective accounts. Discovery around variability of titles between organizations of similar and different sizes.


Spend your time with prospects and companies who think the way your best clients think. We create a process to research and pre-screen leads for attributes to help eliminate time wasters.


Companies who care about their people buy differently. Stop competing for time with toxic companies and instead tell your story to forward thinking companies with a culture of care.

Sales Cycle

Market sizing to align revenue goals with speed to close. We carefully choose who will enter your sales pipeline and allocate opportunities thinking of short and long term objectives.

Deal Value

Pre-qualify opportunities by likely contract size before they enter your pipeline. Create the greatest return on selling time through intelligent account selection and disqualification.

Lifetime Value

Create long lasting client relationships that transform businesses and lives. Hunt for high-meaning clients with the greatest tendency for multi-year retention and expansion.

Vitamins & Painkillers

Distinguish solving your customers’ immediate pain from selling proactive solutions. We create distinct and defined audience sets for quicker speed to close. Attune relevant titles and profiles most likely to benefit from popping your service vitamin.

Competitive Conquesting

Know your customer’s pain points and sell against or alongside competitive solutions. Capture by identifying accounts where you can impact their existing processes and measures of success.


Map out precise regions and territories to contain a comprehensive opportunity set. We create definition around where the prospects reside who will offer impact and the greatest return on time.


Create new repeatable process from historic sales trends and new markets. We research hard to define subgroups for granular focus and prequalification.

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“ProspectCloud is a great example of doing all the more work upfront – so that there is less and better work by the sales team in the sales process, thus generating more sales.”

Tom Searcy

CEO of Hunt Big Sales

Author of "Whale Hunting", "RFP's Suck", "How to Sell in Place"

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