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Flawless Lead Research (for really smart salespeople).

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Gather Less. Hunt More.

High performing sales teams think about time differently. Let your ProspectCloud lead-research analyst (who never complains) do the searching and qualifying for you.

How We Do It

How It Works

Slowing down to speed up



50 questions to transform the way you think about new business and with whom you spend time.


Brain Download

Tell us EVERYTHING! Deep dive beyond a typical ICP and build hyper-detailed personas.


Account Selection

Qualify high proclivity accounts by LTV, culture fit, growth, headcount, sales cycle and more.


Stakeholder Mapping

Discovering surgically precise personas and contacts as points of entry to reduce sales friction caused by competition for time and mindshare.


List Building

Our analysts curate your contact list, studying each account and person to find direct phones and direct emails.


Vetting, Vetting, Vetting

Perfect contacts begin with 10 sequential verification stages. Lastly, our analysts will look up each prospect in LinkedIn to vet for title, role, area of responsibility and that they still work there today.



Receive your first wave of prospects.



Based on principles of traction and friction, we fine tune the list attributes to capture your learning and feedback.

Sound Like You?


I spend too much time looking for leads.

I am tired of calling wrong numbers and emailing people who don’t work there anymore.

I get frustrated attempting to meet quota with bad leads.


How do I protect our sender reputation?

I need to grow our database with net new.

I struggle with low open rates from purchased lists.

Sales Ops

Do I have comprehensive coverage of our addressable market?

Is my CRM data accurate, complete and up to date?

Our dirty pipeline is causing deals to get stuck.

Who we work with

Our Clients

Providing an unfair advantage for 4,000 brands.

What they're saying

“They take the time to understand our business needs which helps guide our marketing decisions. They’re a fantastic resource for our company and after almost a year together, it feels like they’re a part of our team! Your prospecting work is in great, capable hands.”

Lauren Gorjanc

VP of Marketing,

“What might be one of the greatest attributes of their process is the ability to make your list smarter according to what is working well and equally what is slowing you down. For the same price, your list of opportunities gets smarter and more targeted according to your needs. They have completely solved for our difficulty getting in touch with those local to us.”

Chris Chianese

Your Health Now

“ProspectCloud has been very helpful for our organization in updating membership lists of our national organization and in creating targeted new leads for us to reach out to. I keep going back to them year after year because of their responsiveness, fair pricing, and quality product.”

Mike Winder

Executive Director,
Friends of Traditional Banking

“After having tried multiple prospect list services, I can’t even begin to tell you what a joy it is to work with ProspectCloud! They put in immense effort to ensure the prospects they provide fit the profile of the ideal client to a T. I came to them with a very vague and general description of what I was looking for and through their discovery process, they helped untangle and create a clean and clear profile and action plan for my ideal prospect.”

Bree Sasson

Business Development Manager,

“They listen and they are genuinely interested in helping your new contacts lead to new business, and not just selling you more names. The intake form they had me fill out forces you to think about and identify, in as much detail as possible, your target customer and go deeper than just parameters that you would check boxes for ordinarily. The incredible expert guidance through this process alone was worth more than the investment.”

Mike Baron

Executive VP,

“They really take an interest in your business along with helping you create the right persona in order to get quality leads – can’t tell you how much time this has saved me! I have purchased lists in the past, but this goes above and beyond that experience, I was overwhelmed with the amount of details they provided back and how easily I could connect with the prospects on the list.”

Dan Popovic

Product Commercialization Officer,

“We had confidence in working with ProspectCloud because of their thorough discovery, clear understanding of our need, and the personal touch exhibited since the very first conversation.”

Adam Alsberg

Global Benefits Consultant,
Alliant Insurance

“ProspectCloud’s research services is a powerful and feasible tool for mid-market businesses who may not have that large of purchasing power.”

Andrew Summerville

Director of Sales and Marketing,

Who's It For


Sales leads
Direct phones
Direct emails
Whale hunting


Demand gen


B2B study data
Quantitative surveys
Qualitative research
Completes Interviews (lowest cost per complete)


Cold targeting
Cross channel
Custom audience
Email lists