Case Study

Leading Thinkers Helps Speaker Break into New Market

Industry: Public Relations, Events and Marketing, Meetings, Conference & Trade Show


  1. Book keynote & event speaking opportunities
  2. Grow an enthusiastic and engaged following for new speaker
  3. Reliable contact list of meeting, conference & tradeshow


  • Relatively new speaker needed to reach market to develop a loyal audience
  • LeadingThinkers didn’t know exactly how to achieve their goal, and was seeking an expert and true thought leader to provide guidance
  • Other list providers didn’t seem to understand the goals and objective – they were aggressive and tried to push subscription solutions

LeadingThinkers’ Objectives:

  • Identify the appropriate audience to build a following to support new speaker
  • Maintain agency reputation with clients as a trustworthy partner, fueling their success
  • Learn best practices for list curation and outbound email, to transfer knowledge to other Clients

ProspectCloud Approach:
ProspectCloud began with a deep exploration of the market to thoroughly understand the speaker’s target audience and identify the most effective decision-making contacts responsible for securing speakers for corporate events. They worked, hand-in-hand, with LeadingThinkers to recognize the objectives of the project, and proved to be invaluable in defining list criteria. ProspectCloud also went above and beyond by providing insight into the entire lead nurture and lead scoring process, helping LeadingThinkers to become completely expert with the process.


  • Over 19% Open Rate
  • Less than 0.5% opt-out
  • Less than 3% Bounce Rate
  • Month 1: 286% ROI, Month 2: 459% ROI, with continued ROI growth

“From the very first conversation, I could tell that my contact at ProspectCloud was extremely knowledgeable and he was happy to spend quite a bit of time talking us through every step. He was thoughtful and engaging – that initial conversation alone was worth far more than what we ultimately paid for the list.” Judy Tashbook-Safern; President | Leading Thinkers

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