Case Study

Access Development Surpasses ROI Goals with New Product Launch

Industry: E-commerce, Human Resources, Rewards and Incentives


  1. A high-performing, affordable list of employers for a new discount program
  2. Access to specific employee benefits and HR buyers


  • Access Development was launching a new employer discount program and wanted to reach a broad, yet targeted, audience
  • The company had made significant investments in the systems, but did not have a trust-worthy outbound list
  • VP of Marketing had a wealth of experience with traditional list brokers, and was never fully satisfied with the results


  • Develop profitable level of interest from employers in the new discount program
  • Maintain a modest list budget, without sacrificing list accuracy and quality
  • Mitigate risk associated with lists from traditional brokers
  • Achieve high ROI

ProspectCloud Approach:
ProspectCloud and Access Development collaborated in exploring what buyers and influencers are involved in each phase of the buying process. Specific attention was given to the relationship between areas of responsibility of the audience versus job titles alone. They were able to help Access Development achieve their launch goals, and accelerate pipeline and Mid-Market and Enterprise opportunity growth for the sales team.


  • Over 26% Open rate
  • 2% Click rate
  • 2 month Payback period

“At Access Development, we know with certainty that we have the best product. We just need to get to the right people and make sure our message is delivered. ProspectCloud mitigated the risk of paying for bad addresses and had a thorough, analytical process. They were incrediblegreat to work with.”
Andrew Graft; Vice President of Corporate Marketing | Access Development

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